Human Performance Modeling and Rendering via Neural Animated Mesh

Published in SIGGRAPH 2022 Asia, 2022

Fuqiang Zhao, Yuheng Jiang, Kaixin Yao, Jiakai Zhang, Liao Wang, Haizhao Dai, Yuhui Zhong, Yingliang Zhang, Minye Wu, Lan Xu, Jingyi Yu

To strike an intricate balance between quality and bandwidth, we propose a hierarchical solution by first rendering 6 virtual views covering the performer and then conducting occlusion-aware neural texture blending

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NeuVV: Neural Volumetric Videos with Immersive Rendering and Editing

Published in Arxiv, 2022

Jiakai Zhang, Liao Wang, Xinhang Liu, Fuqiang Zhao, Minzhang Li, Haizhao Dai, Boyuan Zhang, Wei Yang, Lan Xu, Jingyi Yu

In this paper, we present a neural volumography technique called neural volumetric video or NeuVV to support immersive, interactive, and spatial-temporal rendering of volumetric video contents with photo-realism and in real-time.

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Fourier PlenOctrees for Dynamic Radiance Field Rendering in Real-time

Published in CVPR (Oral), 2022

Liao Wang*, Jiakai Zhang*, Xinhang Liu, Fuqiang Zhao, Yanshun Zhang, Yingliang Zhang, Minye Wu, Lan Xu, Jingyi Yu

In this paper, we present a novel Fourier PlenOctree (FPO) technique to tackle efficient neural modeling and real-time rendering of dynamic scenes captured under the free-view video (FVV) setting.

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